11 Digital Marketing Lessons from Minecraft

Minecraft Digital Marketing Header Image

I love Minecraft. You know, that wildly popular sandbox video game with the blocky aesthetic. I also love digital marketing. But how are those two things remotely related?

Sure, Minecraft is a video game built for entertainment. But like any great form of entertainment, there’s a lesson or two buried in all that fun. Here are a few things I’ve gleaned while spending hours dodging lava and Creepers.

1. Start with a Solid Foundation

In Minecraft, you can build a house out of wool, but you’re probably better off with stone or wood – especially if you’re planning a fireplace. As with most things in life, laying some solid groundwork is essential. The more time you spend learning the ins and outs of SEO, content marketing, paid search, or anything else, the better your campaigns will be.

2. Avoid Standing Still

You don’t want to be caught outside in Minecraft after night falls. That’s when the Creepers and zombies come out. That’s why priority one is to keep moving and find shelter. Staying in one place can be dangerous. The same goes for the ever-changing world of digital marketing. Changing algorithms, new technology, better tools. If you don’t pay attention to and incorporate the latest trends, you can quickly be left in the digital marketing dust.

3. Try Punching a Few Trees

Minecraft is all about trying new things – in fact, it thrives on it. When you start a new world in Minecraft, you begin with nothing. To craft tools, you need wood, and to get wood, you’re going to have to punch a few trees. The game rewards the unusual and experimentation. The same goes for digital marketing. In an industry that’s constantly evolving, why not try something new?

4. Search for a Diamond or Two

Dig around long enough and deep enough in Minecraft and you’re bound to find a diamond or two. Just like the real world, diamonds are valuable, useful, and well worth the effort. Now think of that top keyword ranking, conversion goal, or viral video as the diamond. With the proper planning, tactics, hard work, and time, you’re bound to find success. Great things don’t always come easy.

5. Grow Your Herd

Cows love wheat. Pigs love carrots. Chickens (or are they ducks?) love seeds. As long as you know the right tactics, it’s easy to accumulate a whole, helpful herd in Minecraft. Depending on your digital marketing goals, you often need to create your own following. Take some time to figure out what your audience likes and it’ll make attracting their attention a whole lot easier.

6. Watch Out for Creepers

Anyone who has played Minecraft knows the unmistakable sound of a Creeper right before it’s about it blow. It gives me shivers just thinking about it. But if you don’t take steps to keep the Creepers away, you’re bound to run into a few. There are also Creepers in real life – Facebook trolls, Russian hackers, spambots – that can make your life a nightmare if you’re not careful. Don’t be caught off guard. Take time to research and set up safeguards before something blows up in your face. It’s worth it.

7. Have a Plan

You can build just about anything in Minecraft, but your wildest dreams may be met with failure if you don’t do some careful planning. Do you have enough torches for light? What about walls and fencing? Don’t forget doors. When it comes to digital marketing, don’t just jump in. Take time for strategy and planning. From content calendars to media plans, careful planning is one of the surest ways to success.

8. Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Things are always more fun with friends, right? You could definitely build a scale replica of a Star Destroyer all by yourself, but wouldn’t it be more efficient with some help? From miners to builders to planners, Minecraft players have their strengths. So do your friends and coworkers. If you’re taking on a big project, don’t forget to reach out to others and make your life a little easier. Your project and sanity will both benefit.

9. Explore Everything

When starting a new world in Minecraft, you begin in the middle of nowhere with a blank map. Now you could just set up shop right at your spawn point, but you’re probably missing out on a lot. Exploring the world around you can reveal helpful, new treats and treasures. As a digital marketer, if you’re not weighing your options, trying new methods, or stepping out of your comfort zone, you’re probably not reaching your full potential. Don’t be afraid to question your tried and true methods every once in a while. You might just find a bonus chest full of diamonds.

10. Get Crafty to Build Efficiencies

Minecraft is all about crafting items (I mean, it’s in the name). It rewards players who build new tools and upgrade the ones they have. A steel pickaxe will break those stone blocks a lot faster than a wooden one. Just as players shouldn’t settle for the same old tools in Minecraft, digital marketers shouldn’t settle either. Developers are coming out with new software every day. Instead of sticking to what you’ve always used, try something new and it might end up making your life a bit easier.

11. Don’t Forget to Take a Moment to Bask in Your Success

I’ve created some pretty cool things in my time playing Minecraft. Underwater glass domes, castles with lava motes, a reproduction of my actual house. It takes a lot of work. Even though it’s just a collection of pixels on a screen, I’m still proud and I always take a moment to admire my work. Though we all know the working world can get busy as we jump from project to project, don’t forget to take a minute every now and then to appreciate what you’ve accomplished.


Are you a fan of Minecraft? Maybe some other fun game? What life or work lessons has it taught you? Feel free to share in the comments below!