I enjoy consuming great, unique, informative content – whether that’s a book, a blog post, a video, photography, social media post, or any other type of content. I also enjoy creating content of my own. Check out some of my latest work below.

Building Trust with User Experience Header Image

In UX We Trust: Leveraging User Experience to Build Trust

Can you design trust? Is it even important? As the world becomes increasingly reliant on user feedback and reviews, it might be more important than you think. How to incorporate the concept into your designs and why you should.

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Minecraft Digital Marketing Preview Image

11 Digital Marketing Lessons from Minecraft

What can a video game teach you about life and work? A lot, actually. Here are 11 digital marketing lessons I've learned from exploring the blocky world of Minecraft.

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Favorite podcasts header brain with lightbulb and earbuds

Facts to Fiction: The Best Podcasts For Any Listener

There are thousands of podcasts out there. So which ones are best? What should you listen to in your limited time? From educational to news to fictional series, here are my picks of the best podcasts around.

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Paper stacks representing long form content

Longer Isn’t Always Better When It Comes to Content and SEO

Longer isn't always better when it comes to content. Learn more about why Google and your audience might prefer the shorter option.

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Carrie Fisher

Thank You, Carrie Fisher

A thank you note to Carrie Fisher for all that she gave to the world during her life that ended too soon. May the Force be with her, always.

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Iowa State Capitol building with Iowa spelled out

Why I Couldn’t Be More Proud to Be an Iowan Right Now

The Iowa Caucuses are over for another four years, but as the Hawkeye State took center stage in the national spotlight the last few weeks, I've seen some amazing things that make me proud to call myself an Iowan.

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Graphic of Top Digital Marketing Predictions for 2016

Distilling All Those 2016 Digital Marketing Predictions

As is usually the case around the beginning of a new year, hundreds of articles pop up and make their predictions for upcoming trends. I've taken a look at dozens and distilled down some of the most common trends in digital marketing for 2016.

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Coffee Shop Culture title image of coffee cup with laptop

Coffee Shop Culture: Why the World Has a Love Affair with Coffee

Where do you go to get work done? If you said a local coffee shop, you’re not alone. But how did coffee become so popular and why are coffee shops good for creativity? Tony gives you the grind on how coffee culture came to be.

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Web Image Optimization for SEO and Accessibility

Optimizing Your Images for Accessibility and SEO

Images do a great job of making a website stand out, but they can (and should) do much more than that. When adding images to your site, don't forget to keep accessibility, especially for those with vision problems, in mind. And while you're at it, let those images work for you and your SEO. I have some quick steps for both here.

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SEO Blackboard Beginners Guide to SEO

A Beginner’s Guide to SEO and Why Search Engine Optimization is Easier Than You Think

Search engine optimization, or SEO, can be a daunting and confusing topic to approach. Is it necessary? Is it worth it? Definitely! And it's not as difficult as you think. Check out these easy steps to start optimizing like a pro!

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